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Pink Sugar

Find Your Mary Poppins.

We are a nanny placement agency specializing recruiting qualified nannies and placing them with families based on customized expectations.

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The Process

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Nanny Sharing

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Get Started

Pink Sugar
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Thank You For Choosing The Nanny Project.

I founded The Nanny Project in 2023 and it started as just that, a project. As a mom, I know how difficult it can be find quality and affordable childcare. I often felt that finding childcare was an extra full-time job and I was sacrificing quality in my exhausting search. I created The Nanny Project to ease the burden and stress of searching for childcare services so families can focus on what is most important - your children. 

My husband and three children are (soon-to-be) residents of Stillwater, OK and my husband and I are OSU alumni. I hold a doctoral degree in Education and am passionate about supporting education and childcare across Oklahoma. 

- Sarah Wyatt, Founder of The Nanny Project

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