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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why should I use The Nanny Project?

    • The task of finding a quality nanny can be time intensive and stressful. A family that begins the nanny search on their own must search caregiving websites, scour social media sites, or rely on word of mouth for quality applicants. Not to mention taking the time to contact the applicants, check references, complete a background check, coordinating interviews, and the list goes on and on. The Nanny Project specializes in delivering qualified applicants that match family needs. Through background and reference checks, we are able to offer families a sense of security. We know that finding quality child care is extremely difficult and can be very stressful as you navigate waitlist after waitlist. The Nanny Project will save you time and avoid the hassle of searching yourself.

  • What is a shared nanny? 

    • ​A nanny share is when two or more families split the cost of one nanny who cares for all of the children together. A shared nanny can offer many benefits for both families and the nanny. First, nanny sharing is an affordable option when it comes to private childcare as families split the hourly cost of the nanny. Additionally, the nanny is able to earn more because she is now employed by two families. Other benefits include, more personalized care for children, socialization with other children, less exposure to illnesses, and more. If you are a family or nanny interested in shared nanny services, please indicate that on your application.

  • Why should I apply to be a nanny with The Nanny Project?

    • ​Applying to be a nanny with The Nanny Project is completely free. However, you do need to be at least 18 years old and agree to a background check. Many nanny positions are actually quite difficult to find without an organized system like The Nanny Project helping guide your way. Posting to Facebook groups or hanging up flyers can only get you so far. Through The Nanny Project, you’ll have access to all open positions and the opportunity to choose which ones you are interested in. To learn about other benefits, click here.

  • What does a nanny cost? 

    • ​There are many factors that go into considering nanny pay rate. Such as, years of experience, ages of children, how many children, etc. Rates typically begin at $10/hr, but can increase for many factors including, nanny experience level or certifications, additional household responsibilities, number of children, etc. In both our family application and nanny application, we ask for expected pay rate range so The Nanny Project can match families and nannies with similar budget expectations.​

  • What are the benefits of using a nanny as compared to daycare?

    • ​Both nannies and daycares offer a range of different pros and cons. In actuality, many families combine both daycare and nanny services. For example, families may choose daycare Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and a nanny on Tuesday and Thursday. Other benefits of a nanny include: that nannies are better able to work with your schedule, be available on nights or weekends, transport children, nanny share may cost less than daycare, and personalized care for your child’s needs.

  • What fees do we pay to The Nanny Project? 

    • ​There are several packages available, allowing families to choose which option best meets their needs. There is a standard $100 application fee, regardless of which package you choose. After completing the application, you will receive an invoice for the application fee and ½ of the package amount. Once paid, The Nanny Project will begin reviewing possible applications. The 2nd half of the package amount will be due when you are ready to extend an offer to a nanny. All fees are non-refundable as they cover recruitment, vetting, interview coordination, and background check services.

  • What happens if I terminate my nanny or they leave? 

    • The Premium package is the only package that includes a fully-refundable 120-day replacement period. However, we understand that life happens and sometimes a family/nanny separation is unpredictable. While initial fees are non-refundable, The Nanny Project offers the following discounts on new placement services: 

      • 1 - 14 days: 75% discount 

      • 15 - 30 days: 50% discount

      • 31 - 60 days: 25% discount 

      • 60 - 120 days: 10% discount

    • Any new placements after 120 days will be billed at our normal package rates.

  • How does my nanny get paid? 

    • ​You will pay your nanny directly based on the agreed upon pay rate, frequency, and method of payment as indicated in your Family/Nanny Agreement. However, we know that many families might have questions around IRS obligations. To help with that process, The Nanny Project has partnered with Homework Solutions to provide resources to answer your questions or assist in the payroll process. To reach out, be sure to mention The Nanny Project and email to get started. 

  • What areas do you serve? 

    • Currently, we serve the Stillwater, Perkins, Morrison, Yost, Glencoe, Ripley, Cushing, Langston, Mulhall-Orlando, and Perry. If your city isn’t listed here and you’re interested in services, feel free to reach out at

  • How to I get started? 

    • Whether you are a family or a nanny, visit our application page to get started. From there, a member of The Nanny Project will contact you to coordinate next steps in the process. 

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