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Why You Should Work With Us.

Whether you are looking for a job to support you through college or a full-time nannying career, becoming a nanny with The Nanny Project is an easy, and trusted, job search solution. Through out nanny application, you can tell us when you're available and your desired rate of pay. This information allows us to match you with a family with the same expectations - taking the hassle out of negotiations, saving you time. Plus, our nanny application is completely free! 


Pink Sugar

Access to the Best Positions

As a part of The Nanny Project network, you will have access to the best and most reliable nanny positions in the area. Not only will we use your application materials in the matching process, you will receive additional job postings only available to The Nanny Project nannies. 

Pink Sugar

Build Your Resume 

Whether you are looking for job to help you through college, a full-time career, or an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children, you are building your experience that can lead to greater opportunities in your lifetime. 

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You're a Part of a Community

Nannies hired through The Nanny Project are automatically added to The Nanny Project network. So, if you have a question, want to organize a playdate, or just bounce some ideas off other nannies, you have that resource at your fingertips. 

Pink Sugar

We've Got Your Back

As a nanny with The Nanny Project, you can feel prepared before accepting a placement. We also know that negotiating can be, well awkward. The Nanny Project can help you negotiate pay rate, time off, and more. 

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